December 20, 2010

I guess you'll need to get used to it...

Ok, I guess my life has just been too busy lately and you guys need to get used to having to wait for blogposts from me... I just can't seem to keep a solid schedule on posts although, once more, I'll put in lots of effort to try and post at least 3x a week because that's what you loyal followers deserve !!

On to the info on me lately for the people interested. Nothing really to report on the girl, we're just banging whenever I am over, which is like 1-2x a week, and I'm good with that. She is coming over for Christmass which is a little exciting since I'll be making the dinner for the first time ever on Christmass eve !! With a little assistance of my mom since she doesn't trust me to do it all by myself yet, probably rightfully so. If you want I can post the menu on what I'll make here so you might be able to draw some inspiration from it if you don't have your menu for Christmass all planned out already. For the rest, I don't have anymore classes this year (finished last week) and I got to start studying for my exams since my first one is on the 3th of January !! Not sure why so early in the year but I can't change it so might as well accept it.

On to the tunes for today !! Since he just released a new album, we'll be starting with everybody's favorite mouse, I'm not talking about Mickey here. This is a song from his new album and I think it's one of the best, real nice mix of tech house meets progressive house !! Not all might like him but I can't help you if you don't... I hate his personality as it's shown in media as well, he acts up as an arrogant bastard but the tunes he makes are often very nice !! It's Deadmau5 - Right This Second (Original Mix):

This one is relatively old but I just fell in love with it the minute I heard it and I want you guys to experience it too. I just has that crazy Mexican sound that makes it come out really funky without losing it's edge of electro house !! It's Intiman - El Mariachi Loco (Keewix & Nikkita Remix):

I'll try again super hard to return here within a day or two at most. If only to post my Christmass menu for the people who are interested. Until then, check back and be sure to party, even if the weekend is just over !!

December 10, 2010

Been sick all week...

Yeah, shit sucks big time but I don't have anything to say because quite frankly, I been sick since my latest update. Caught a really bad case of flu so I was in my bed the entire week. Really nice, you know, liquids coming out of all possible orphaces of your body. Anyways, it's mostly over now and I feel like music. Not going clubbing this weekend though because that might fuck up things again and on top of that it's my mom's birthday so I got to be at home...

Anyways, I hope you are all going clubbing still since I normally would as well. I'll put some awesome music here to get you fuckers in the mood. The first is from a couple of dudes I know in real life. They used to be my old skater buddies and now they started an electronic dance music group. They are beginning to make name here in Holland and want you people to meet them: It's Space Pirates - Get Inside (Original Mix):

The second one is not from some guys I know in real life, unfortunately I might add. It's just some good old dirty Dutch and you know, since I am both Dutch and dirty I thought it'd be a good one. It's The Party Harders & The Subs - The Pope Of Dope (Original Mix):

Anyways, I hope you liked the update and songs posted today. Go clubbing and make sure you get a good party going this weekend and I'll update again after my mom's birthday.

December 6, 2010

Sorry, help me get a schedule !!

Ok, I'm sorry once more for forgetting to update my blog another time before the weekend. I think that 1 post a week is just too little and I need to post more to keep you people entertained and with good music. So I need a way to keep a blogging schedule. Unfortunately I don't have the time to blogpost every single day but I want to post like 3-4 times a week so give me an idea of how you keep track guys.

Onto my weekend, had a good one where I had sex with my girl as usual since the first time. Party on the saturday, it was awesome, I even got a couple of girls to hit on me this time instead of me taking initiative. It happens every once in a while and it's great for your ego although mine doesn't really need to get much bigger. I'm on the border of arrogancy as it is but whatever. And sunday was really laid back and we celebrated a Dutch holiday called Sinterklaar. If you want to know what it is, Google it, it's a little like Santa Claus but before Christmass.

On to the music for today, I'm going to post an artist I saw this weekend since he was spinning at my local club! It's a Dubstep artist called High Rankin! Unfortunately there aren't any good quality live vids so you can't see how he gets the crowd super hyped. He is just as how I like to play a gig! Too many DJ's just stand there, mix a little and don't seem to be having a good time. This guy was jumping non stop and having a party with us as the crowd instead of being on a different level. The first is Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (High Rankin Remix):

And the second tune is a new one he just released and already one of my favorites from him. It's High Rankin - Don't Carry On Like A Rudeboy When Daddy's Got A Yacht (Original Mix):

Also, this clip is so fucking mentally retarded. It probably shows how the guy is since he went mental on stage as well. Anyways, I'll try to keep my promise to update at least once more before the weekend this time. Enjoy your week and get back here for the next great music update !!

November 29, 2010

Another first, liveset posted !!

Ok, so I'm currently on the phone with my girl so I'll keep it short once more. Went over there this weekend for the birthday of her little bro since the little rascal is quite fond of me. Had a nice rave in the evening so I got my solid doses of doing fun stuff this weekend. Unfortunately I had to turn in a paper today so I had to do some stuff for that as well.

Anyways, on to the music. This is a liveset in one of my favorite clubs in the UK (I mean, come on, it has a vibrating floor) and it's a set by one of producers from France. I actually hate French people but whatever, these guys know how to make a banging solid tune. It's BSD:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Well, that's it for now! Stay tuned for my next updates with more banging tunes! I'll be sure to put one out before the weekend so I won't tell you guys to party hard just yet. But if you want to party hard before the weekend, you fucking well should!

November 25, 2010

Exams and beats !!

Ok, another short update since I´m being super busy lately. Not necessarily a bad thing but it does mean I have less time for my loyal followers unfortunately. Tomorrow I have my last exam before Christmass so college work will boil down for at least a couple of weeks. Also started trading on the commodity and stock market today but that´s something completely different. It´s also completely different from music but that´s my back-up plan. If music carreer doesn´t work out, I´ll be a trader.

Anyways, on to the music since I don´t want to leave you guys without a tune again like last time. How else are you going to get your electronic dance music fix, right ?? The first tune is going to be by a producer lots of DJ´s think is crap. It´s true that his tunes aren´t always too sophisticated but I like them and that´s all that matters. Here is Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker (Original Mix):

About the second tune, I´ll be short. It´s another electro house banger from the well known and great producer from Canada. By now you must all know who I mean. It´s Deadmau5 - Some Chords (Original Mix):

Ok, once more, I´ll try to update more regularly and since the weekend is just around the corner again, be sure to rave and party hard !! Because that´s what life is all about, stay tuned for my next post with fresh tunes !!

November 22, 2010

Update soon, I promise once more !!

Ok, I'm very sorry that I once again won't update my blog with music as much as I'd like to. I had a very busy weekend, friday went to my girlfriend, saturday was a birthday party of a mate of mine. Got home at 06:30 in the AM so you better know it was super solid !! Then I had to get up 4 hours later to drive another friend to the airport. That was super bad because I was tired as hell. And today I went with family and friends to the new Harry Potter movie so it's busy, busy, busy !!

Anyways, I promise I'll give you guys 2 new and super fresh tunes tomorrow !! Just stay tuned and wait for the awesomeness to arrive !!

November 15, 2010


No seriously, fucking finally since I finally got to fuck my girl this weekend. Took me a short month but at least it was good. I am not sure who cares about this update but I just had to put it in there for the people who are interested. For the rest I've been lazy and trying to make my tuition payments since somewhere along the line something went wrong. I've been calling and calling but people constantly send me over to one another.

To get on with the music, I decided to take some sexy music because well, I'm just feeling sexy. I think house music is actually the sexiest so let's get on with it. The first one is obviously from a Dutchie since I love them so much. It's Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Be Real (Extended Mix):

And the second one is with an amazing flute in it. I'm not sure why I love this track but I just do so don't judge me for it please !! It's Ansari - African Flute (Original Mix):

I hope you all had a great weekend with lots of raves and keep getting back for more musical (and sexual updates) right here !!

November 11, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts... HARDSTYLE !!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I have very little access to a computer lately because my own PC broke down and is once again back in the shop to get repaired. Good news is they will probably give me an entire new system because I'm still in the warranty period. I had a back-up PC but I think I've killed that one watching Jersey Shore. I was bored and wanted to watch entire first season because it's an epic show and I got on a bad site which gave me a virus I do think. The PC was already old anyways but I still need to try and reinstall windows to see if it works again. As of now, it doesn't even boot anymore.

As for the musical updates. I'm not completely sure as to what genre to do today so I think I'll just post whatever I find on YouTube right now. The first tune is some very nice hardstyle since it been a long time the last time I posted about the genre. It's Acti - Welcome To The Record Shop (Extended Mix):

And since I started on the genre I might as well stay in it. I also decided to use a golden oldie that should be known by everyone that likes to rave. It's Technohead - I Want To Be A Hippy (Original Mix):

I hope you all enjoyed today's tunes and I hereby promise I'll try to update more regularly again even though I have a hard time finding a working computer to do it on. Also, since it's once again, almost weekend, to go raving this weekend !! I know I will once again saturday !! What's life without partying like a mad one !!

November 6, 2010

A little random, goosebumps...

Ok, very short update since my girl is still over and I don't have time to make a long post. I'll post a solid update again after the weekend and give you some new views on stuff.

Just got reminded of this song since I wanted to play some music at home that my girl also likes (she is not a fan of electronic dance music) and this song literally gives me goosebumps.

Check it, it's Metallica - The Ecstasy Of Gold:

Stay tuned for the next big update and be sure to get raving this weekend guys !! I know I will tonight !!

November 4, 2010

Breakbeat update ??

I guess it is !! Going to be short today because I got tons of stuff to do before I go to a party tonight and my girl is coming over tomorrow when my parents are out of town. Ooh yes, that's right !! Home alone already !! She actually told me the first time she'd be coming over and my parents were gone we'd get some strawberries and chocolate involved but since we didn't even have regular sex yet due to her period, we decided to keep that for next time I'm home alone again which is going to be around somewhere in December...

Anyways, on to the music. I'm not quite sure what to post today since I'm not on my own computer and can't check my own music collection so I'll just go with it from the top of my head.

The first tune is from one of my all time favorite breakbeat artists. Too bad I don't have all of his tunes so I'm still actively collecting stuff from him. The thing that sets him apart is that it's really progressive (also goes great into a progressive house set to diversify a bit) and I usually don't like progressive breakbeat, only progressive house. To me, breakbeat needs to sound dirty almost like dubstep but not as filthy as. Anyways, it's Refracture - Aria (Original Mix):

Now here is a tune that I usually mean when I say that my breakbeat has to sound dirty. It's filled with those want to hear acid sounds and does great when the crowd is already hyped a little. This is one to get the party absolutely mental when they are down for it. Too bad not all people respond well to this kind of music because some people are just too afraid of their inner animal to let loose on these kind of tracks. Anyways, it's RuN RiOT - Everybody Needs A Bassline2 (Original Mix):

Also, if you like the last tune be sure to check out the Peter Paul Remix. I actually like that one better but was unable to find it posted on YouTube so you'll have to do with the original.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next update with fresh tunes once more and since the weekend is already around the corner, be sure to rave !! I know I will this saturday, big party planned again since it's the first saturday of the month !!

November 1, 2010

Been a long time, some house to make it up to you...

Sorry guys that it's been such a long time. Had an extremely busy weekend after I had exams last week and almost slept all day today since I was so exhausted. Even completely slept in for my classes so bad, I didn't even hear my alarm go off and just slept straight through it. The weekend was awesome though, had small LAN party friday and saturday I went to see my girl and we went clubbing with some of her friends so I could meet them and all. It started off really boring (although I got to pick out her outfit which was hot) because in the club they started playing Dutch music and with that I don't mean house made by Dutch DJ's but with actual Dutch lyrics and singing in them. The thing is, if there is one thing I can't stand, especially on the musical front, it's freaking Dutch music! Anyways, I drank my way through it and my girl got scared of me being an alcoholic. Later that evening they went a little more towards playing dance/club music and it became more fun for me.

We got home relatively early because her back was aching (she has been having backpains for several months now) and although we didn't plan it we continued the party there with just the two of us. She was on her period so we didn't fuck but I got a blowjob out of it (although she didn't finish it because we thought we'd get caught) and I did get her all riled up which is always fun. Good thing to know where she has her sensitive bits to touch to get her horney without having to go down immediatly. Anticipation is key guys, anticipation is key.

Ok, to get on with the music for today. The first is a really nice house track which uses the melody of a very well known song (+ 10 points for the first one to guess it right) but makes it way more dance-able in my opinion. I like the original but there are too many breaks built in to it to my liking. It's Nik Denton - Freaks Don't Sleep (Original Mix):

The second track is an older one but still really nice in my opinion. One of my favorite house producers and signed to one of my all-time favorite labels ever. Seriously, this label, everything that gets released on it is pure gold. Not really hard though when it's being managed by the legend, Erick Morillo, himself! It's Richard Grey - Bang (Sebjak Remix):

Ok, that's it for today. Enjoy this stuff and stay tuned for my next post which will be tomorrow or wednesday depending on if I get enough responds on this one.

October 28, 2010

Just a quickie today...

Sorry guys but I can only do a quick post today because I got exams and I already told my new girl I couldn't go shopping with her because I had to study too much. She even tried to bribe me into coming anyways by telling me if I'd come along that I could pick out a new lingerie set for her to wear. That's just so mean but I must persevere and study so I can get a solid score on tomorrow's test.

Anyways, I decided to go for some techno today. The first of today is Taster Peter - Jambo Yaaba (Original Mix):

I actually like the other track on this release better but I couldn't find it on YouTube and I don't have time to upload stuff myself right now so you'll just have to do with this one. Anyways, if you like the sound of it, check the EP because in my opinion the other track is better. The second track is a true banger and one released by a fellow Dutchman (or actually two) just to bring some chauvinism into my post. It's Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan - Diddo (Original Mix):

I hope you all like today's tunes and stay tuned for the next post with more electronic bangers. Also, people interested in the girl situation, be sure to check back because I'm seeing her again this saturday and will follow up with probably a nice blogpost afterwards to let you guys join in on the fun a little bit. Only rests me one more thing to say, keep raving!

October 26, 2010

Dubstep mood...

I don't know how or why but today I'm hugely in the mood for dubstep. Some people are actually showing interest in the girl and the stuff I type about her so I'm going to keep that going for those guys. Yesterday they had the funeral of her grandpa and I couldn't go because I had an exam. Meh, sucks but she said it wasn't too bad and she was okay with me not coming because I had an exam instead. So I called her later that evening and the bitch is getting me all horney with her sex talk on the phone while she goddamn well knows I can't come over right this minute for various reasons. One is that I am in my exams and it takes about 45 minutes to from my place to hers but most importantly it's because her mom doesn't know about us yet and it would be kind of weird to just turn up there. Anyways, really looking forward to this saturday because she already said I could pick her outfit (which is probably just an excuse she is using to get naked while I'm in the room) so I'll climb her then.

Anyways, that's for the guys that actually pay attention and like reading about sexcapades (or love escapades actually) and I'll get onto the dubstep for today. Those are some really monster tunes and since we were already talking about sex, I got a favorite one of mine that is AWESOME to play in the club because of it's explicitness. I hope I didn't post this before because it's been one of my favorites for some time now and I am not 100% sure I didn't post it before but whatever, I guess. It's Torqux - Midriff (Original Mix):

Ok, the second one I'm quite sure I didn't post yet although it's older. I came across this one before but couldn't get my hands on it back then and forgot to write down the catalog number to buy it later. Now I luckily rediscovered it and been listening to the entire EP for a bit but this is by far my favorite track from the release. It's actually an USA based dubstep artist as well which made me blow my mind. Usually USA peoples suck at making the electronic dance music. It's Triage - Pitbull (Original Mix):

Ok, so that's it for today. Be sure to be checking back here because as always I got more fresh tunes coming up! Also some more info on how it's going with the girl as a bonus for the ones actually interested in that. And remember kids, listen to all of this at your own risk!

October 24, 2010

A request from my loyal follower McRohanheim !!

Ok, a little update on the girl. It turns out she is pretty crazy about me and we are going to think up a way to convince her parents to give us a shot together. I'll give a little summary of what has happened the last couple of days. So, we went on a date this friday and everything turned out great. My hopes even became true about it being a shy freak. She is really shy and quiet overall and doesn't have an outspoken personality but once we got to her house afterwards she turned into a little freak. We decided to NOT have sex yet because of her mom not really approving of all this although we both got really horney. It's nice when the girls buttons are that easy to find and apparently I wasn't too hard to get all steamed up as well, lol. Her mom even thinks we are just seeing each other on a friendly basis while we are most definitly past that stadium, in fact, I don't think we were ever there! So the next day there was a gathering at her granddad's house for people to see him for the last time since he died. My mom met her mom there and apparently they talked a little bit and my mom was talking great words about me being a wonderful and sweet guy and stuff like that. Now at some point somebody said it must have been really cosy and fun time we had together and she started blushing so this is probably going public very soon. She wants to keep it a secret but if she starts blushing that's not really going to work. Now she already invited me to come over saturday and go clubbing a little because I got to face the counsel of girlfriends (there has been lots of talk going on about me to her friends and they want to see if I'm good enough and what not bullshit, ofcourse I am, they are going to be charmed like hell) so I guess we're heading in the right direction. To use an old A-Team quote: I just love it when a plan comes together!

Now, on to the music. I got a little request from McRohanheim in my last blogpost to do another nostalgia (at least for me) metalpost on songs I used to play on the drums when I was still playing those. Now I always loved Soulfly for some odd reason. I think because of their Brazilian style and a little bit of more detail on the drumlines. Here is another one of them I used to play. It's Soulfly - The Prophet:

And the second song is going to be more about the song itself. The song is pretty easy to play on the drums and is not so much hard metal as my previous song but I still love it. I hope it's not too commercial for you all. It's Rammstein - Hilf Mir:

Seriously, the part that kicks in at exactly 2:00 where he starts singing about the fire lighting everything in the room still gives me chills. It's probably my darker side in touch with this song and imaging some kid being set afire.

Anyways, stay tuned for my next post with more EDM tunes instead of metal bangers. Those are going to have to wait for another couple of weeks so enjoy them Mr. McRohanheim!

October 22, 2010

Just one word: Electro...

Yeah, that's right. It's been a while since I did some electro house so since it's friday and the weekend is coming I thought this was the appropriate time. Sucks that I won't be partying this weekend though so it's mostly to get you people in the mood to go clubbing for 2-3 days straight. I do have a date with the girl I mentioned in my previous blogpost tonight and she already invited me over after the movies before the date actually started so that's starting out good. She is also putting huge emphasize on her parents not being home and texting becomes better and better lately. I got my fingers crossed I found myself a shy girl (she is pretty shy when around lots of people) that turns out to be a huge freak when you are a little more private. I heard of it before but never actually got one so really hoping it's my turn to get one of those rare ones for once.

We'll start off the weekend with a pretty solid producer from Belgium. Even though the country is fucking right next to Holland, it just doesn't have the overall potential that Holland has when it comes to electronic dance music. What can I say, UK is probably the biggest but also have a way bigger population and still, Holland is fucking HUGE in the world of EDM and I freaking love being born here for this fact. Anyways, I digress so here is Dopefish - Disco d'Or (Frost DJ Sexx Remix):

I know, the remixer has the worst producing alias I've ever seen. Seriously, from all the names you can pick you go with Frost DJ Sexx. Yeah, good thinking Einstein. Now let's go on with some sick prodigy from Lithuania. This really makes me sick to my stomach because he is 2 youngers than me and is already releasing records while I am still starting out. Feels pretty bad but whatever, don't think about it too much because I know I'll get there as long as I put in the work. I was just busy making different music (like hard-rock/metal) when I was his age. Here is Bart Lectro - Quarantine (Lazy Rich Remix):

Yep, another Lazy Rich track. I can't get enough of the dude. Seriously, are you hearing the same stuff I am. The guy is a freaking electro house genius. Anyways, hope you liked these tunes and everybody should stay tuned for the next post filled with electronic dance music deliciousness!

October 20, 2010

Devoted to Mr. 420, some solid DnB !!

I was feeling DnB today anyways so I decided to roll with it. And I only just approved Mr. I Love Weed his comment on my last blogpost and we all know how much the guy loves his DnB so this is a little bit for him.

Was also very convenient that I re-found 2 great DnB classics and starting to regain the love I once had for Sub Focus. Also, his avatar is from Pulp Fiction and that's probably my all time favorite movie. How that inspired me, you'll find out later. I mean, what does Pulp Fiction have to do with DnB music, right?

Anyways, on to the first tune. The first is on my re-found love on this track. I don't think I can tell in words how good it is. It's Sub Focus - Last Jungle (Original Mix):

The only real bad thing about that track is that with a length of 3:33 it's way too short. If you want to play it in the club you usually just have to loop it for a little to keep the awesomeness of this one going like a sick motherfucker!

Ok, the second track is one I've been playing since release but lost out of sight. I stumbled upon it on my old music folder again today and it reminded me of how I played it to absolute bits something like 10-12 months ago. This is also the track that was inspired by the Pulp Fiction avatar. Even if you don't like DnB but are a big fan of the movie you got to check this one out! It's Jade - Pulp Friction (Original Mix):

Stay tuned for more beats and bangers tomorrow and I want to throw a big thanks to all my loyal followers, you guys are freaking awesome and I hope you are enjoying all these fresh tunes I am throwing your way!

October 19, 2010

I'm feeling fucking breakbeat !!

Sup guys !! Pretty shitty that lately my followers numbers (that are actively following my ass at least) are dropping and the retards are missing out on some mean tunes right here. The dopeheads should report in and check this shit out for their own good !!

Anyways, the girl I mentioned in a previous blog and me are moving forwards and probably going to the movies this friday but she is in doubt on what to do. She wants to move on to a relationship but some part of her tells her to friendzone me (I know, most people now think, get the fuck out, friendzone is utter shit) and she explained me why. The thing is, my mom and her dad are cousins. So in a long way down, we are kind of related. Now for me this isn't a big problem since she ain't even a direct cousin of me. I would never fuck the daughter of my mom's sister, that's too close. But this, to me, is entirely different. I've seen the girl on familie parties on like 3 occassions because the family bond is so far apart. But she struggles with it so it's pretty shit. Anyways, opinions on this subject as well are appreciated!

Now, on to the tunes for today! We'll start with one of my favorite breakbeat group. Obviously it's again a group of crazy Russian fuckers but who cares what language they speak and I don't understand shit of it, we communicate through music anyways and this tune is freaking hard. It's Access Denied - Other Side (Original Mix):

The second one is from some English guys and incorporates a great sketch from I think it's the Saturday Night Show or whatever. It's pretty old and with William Ferrell (who is a master comedian) and that's what makes this an amazing track to me. The track itself instrumentally is good but not outstanding, but the vocal part from the show makes it a great one for clubnights on particular crowds (generally more artsy people, drunk people don't appreciate it). It's NAPT - Gotta Have More Cowbell (Original Mix):

If you want to see the comedy sketch, just look up on More Cowbell and you'll find it, it's amazing !! Stay tuned for the next post with more mean tunes and awesome beats boys and girls !!

October 17, 2010

Time for trance !!

Back to my Dutch roots and let's do some fucking trance today !! Kind of cynical I usually post lots of Turkish trance though (those fuckers learned it from the Dutch, half of Holland is inhabitated by the fucking Turkish and they even learned how to make good music from us)
but whatever, maybe I'll do a bit of both again today.

Going to keep the post short again because my mom's boyfriend is having his birthday today and I got to get back to eating pie and drinking beer and telling random crap since that's what I'm good at.

The first tune of today is from Tigran Oganezov. It's Tigran Oganezov - Orko (Daniel Wanrooy Remix):

And another trance banger for today and I hope you'll like it. It's Jason Van Wyk - September Rain (Original Mix):

I hope you enjoy those. Especially the last one is again very uplifting so great to get into a good mood or support your good mood if you are already in one.

Also, if you are interested in buying these songs but don't really know where usually is a good place to check out. Pretty much all the DJ's buy their music there including me. It's only a shitty place if you are looking for hardstyle since they only have shitty hardstyle that sounds like utter crap. Anyways, check it out and stay tuned for my next post !!

October 15, 2010

I'm feeling a little progressive house today...

I'll keep the post of today short again because I don't have much to tell and also ain't really got the time. My best mate is coming over in a bit and I got a shitload of stuff to still do. Still, I will post 2 tunes today because people seemed dissappointed wednesday that I only posted 1 tunes because I was so freaking hungover.

I think it been a solid while since I did a progressive house post and I been playing this 1 tunes to absolute bits lately. I can't get enough of it. I'm not sure if it's even officialy released yet, I know it wasn't when I got it but don't tell anyone. Normally I get all my music legally but this one is so good and it seemed the artist wasn't going to officialy release them so I had to do it this way.

The first tune is the one I'm completely spinning to bits right now. It's Dinka - The Quietest Moment (Original Mix):

It's the first time I even got in contact with Dinka tunes and ever since I got this promo I been in love with the guy. The entire unofficial release it's on is amazing. It's so uplifting yet still very housy. It's easy to find uplifing music among trance but I don't really feel trance right now because it's a bit rougher. This is way more mellow and I love it.

The second tune of today is from a different artist just to keep the diversity in. It's Answer42 - Tucano (Original Mix):

This is just another mellow but very dancy and uplifting tune and again I love it. Nothing really better than solid progressive house. Anyways got to go and eat lunch. Stay tuned for stuff tomorrow!

October 13, 2010

Been a long time since I did tech house...

Yesterday I went partying (I know, on a tuesday) because I got invited to a private party. Some school paid for the biggest club in town to be completely shut down and let only people from their school in. I'm not going to their school but I have contacts so I got onto the guest list. Was really good since it's a school for learning how to organise big music festivals and gigs. So as an aspiring DJ I did some good networking and even talked to a fellow DJ about some good tunes he was playing and I didn't know.

Ok, I know it's a bit shabby but for today I only really got 1 tune. I am too lazy to find a 2nd one since I am hungover from yesterday and the DJ played this one yesterday and I already had it in my collection but completely forgot about it. So I went up to him, asked him the name and when he told me I was like: Fuck, I'm a retard, I got this one!! Just didn't sort it yet, silly me...

Here is Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner - Coscindo (Original Club Mix):

Sorry for the only 1 tune today. Stay tuned for my next post when I'm not hungover anymore and I'll post 2 tracks of a new genre again!

October 11, 2010

Another request, artist = Noisia !!

From my last blogspot, I posted about this girl and it seems to hit off good now. Still somewhat awkward because I arranged a date with her but at times she makes remarks about not having to worry that she'll make advances at me. Which I find awkward since I can't imagine being stuck in the friend zone already. We only know each other for a week and had some pretty spicy conversation which included some funny sex talk. Anyways, I think I'll make things work, usually I'm good as long as I'm getting a chance to let my charm do it's work. The only thing I can't really work against is when a girl is ignoring me. Hard to let my charm fix some stuff if she ain't letting me through. But it doesn't seem to be the case with this one.

So, for today I had another request of posting some Noisia. Now to be honest, I don't have too much from them because I normally don't love their original mixes (sorry) but they do get great remix support. So I'll post a dubstep and DnB track that was originally made by them and remixed by somebody else. And that while they are even one of the few Dutch DnB collectives. All Dutch DJ's make house and trance.

The first one is the DnB track. It's Noisia - Split The Atom (Ed Rush & Optical Remix):

The second is one of my favorite Noisia tracks of all-time even though it's a remix so I'm not sure if it counts. It's Noisia - Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix):

I hope that whoever made the request about Noisia (sorry, I forgot who it was) enjoyed these tunes and didn't even know them already. And ofcourse I hope all the other great people enjoyed them as well. Stay tuned for my next post with ofcourse lots more great and banging EDM tunes!

October 9, 2010

The EDM bangers for today, it's some DnB !!

I wasn't sure what to put down here today but I think DnB had been the longest time so I decided to go with that. Nothing much has been happening for me lately, I'm into this girl since last weekend when I first met her and although things seemed to hit off pretty good at the start when we were over there stuff seems to slowdown and become somewhat worse right now. Really frustrating since I want to get at least a date out of her and see where this goes but as it seems now, that date might not even come...

I guess we'll just get on with the music and if anyone has very usefull advice on females, just leave it in the comments.

Everyone that is into DnB should know this one already but nontheless I'm posting it because the tune is awesome and everyone that's new to DnB should start off with stuff like this. It shows everything that is good about the entire genre. Here is one of the legends, Sub Focus - Rock It (Original Mix):

And the second song of today is another legend. He is probably less known but still makes some awesome tunes. Most of his stuff is instrumental but also very different, like it has the DnB speed but at same time is very mellow (at least to me it is) and that's pretty unique. Here is S.P.Y. - Eclipse (Original Mix):

Well, I hope you enjoy today's tunes again and I hope to hear from everyone again tomorrow when I'll be posting some more nice electronic dance music tunes!

October 8, 2010

Another request, here comes electro !!

So, I went clubbing yesterday (thursday is the night all college kids go out) and it was fun except for I got into a fight. We won though and the fuckers got beat good while they were taunting us. Serves them right, we weren't there to fight but if they mess with me and my mates and want it badly we are kind enough to oblige. Guys were sick pussies too. One of my mates only got a little scratch on his arm from taking them down to the ground. Shame we (and them as well) got kicked out after that incident but whatever, we were about to go home anyways.

I got another request yesterday for more electro house and I hope this will get me visitors because traffic on here has been dead lately. I had quite a solid group of followers grown quick from the start but people seem to be slacking in looking here for great music. Makes no sense too, people need to hear these tunes!

Ok, today's first tune is from the absolute king (in my opinion at least) of electro house. It's Lazy Rich and he pretty much only makes electro tracks and all of them are freaking solid. This is Lazy Rich & Hirshee - Blast Off! (Original Mix):

If you like electro, look his stuff up and enjoy. Particularly like the vocals in that track! The second one is an absolute hit of this summer. At least, all the good DJ's have heard it and played it, still all the small time boys following the trends from the big boys haven't quite picked up yet and aren't really playing this. Heard it in a smaller club only for the first time yesterday while I am already playing it for a solid 4-5 months. Probably a sign I should be able to go big time because I don't follow the trends, I set them! Here is Congorock - Babylon (Original Mix):

No go back up and listen to Babylon again with your subwoofer set to the max. It makes the song at least 3x as good!

That's it for today, got a slow weekend ahead of me so I'll post some more. Keep checking back and give me some love.

October 7, 2010

Some more Russian candy ??

To the people who haven't been following me since the beginning, I'm talking about more breakbeat. Since it was my first post, it obviously been a long time since I did one on this genre and so I decided to do one on it again. Personal life is good btw and not much to tell about so I'll get to the music real quick.

The first song is by a producer from Belarus (that's still fucking Russia to me) and he made some sick tracks but I don't love all of his stuff. This one is pretty damn crazy though. Here is 4Kuba - Dildoes (Original Mix). Yes, before you ask, this song is really about dildoes, those stuff that women put into their vagina's to pleasure themselves. Although, I must admit, that could be various items...

And here is another track I really like. I think it's actually produced by a bunch of crazy British people but whatever. The fuckers make what is music mainly being played in the old Russia country so I think they can be put here. It's Nursery of Naughtiness - Trip It (Radio Mix):

So, I hope you people like those pearls of breakbeat tracks and are begging for more. Remember, if you have any requests just let me know and I'll be happy to oblige. Until then, stay tuned for the next post with sick electronic dance music tracks!

October 6, 2010

Back to the old-skool days... At least for me...

Ok, I was planning this for some time now. This is a blog about electronic dance music, still very true but I wanted to tell a little something about my own music development. I started out playing piano at a young age and quite after like 2-3 years. Puberty hit and I just couldn't care anymore. I started skateboarding and you know how that age can change everything. After some time of listening to punk and softer forms of metal I started getting interested in producing that kind of music myself. After some time I decided to pick up the drums (well, not literally ofcourse, they are kind of heavy to pick up all at once) because I was always a very rhythmic person. I obviously love good written melodies but rhythm has always been my main passion.

Now I wanted to post some songs that I'd love to drum (and was actually able to play). I only drummed for 1-2 years so not too long but I was pretty good at it. I stopped because friends went apart and I didn't have any music making buddies anymore. At that time I also started getting into EDM again (I was into EDM even before I hit puberty believe it or not) and once again became interested in picking up the piano (to write melodies for my own EDM tracks) and starting to DJ.

The first song I wanted to post is Soulfly - Tribe. The first concert I ever went to in my entire life so the band still has a pretty special place for me and I love this song in particular because of the massive percussion in it:

The second song is from Cataract. Probably nobody here actually heard of this band before since they are pretty small. It's a hardcore band from Switzerland. I was into hardcore just before I got back into EDM for almost a solid year. This intro has always fascinated me. It was extremely hard to pull off and took me too long to learn (especially the part around 11 seconds in) but was totally worth it, I loved playing it. So here is Cataract - Legions At The Gates:

So, there you have it. This might get me some extra metalheads following my blog and get them into EDM and the EDM fans now know that not every single DJ was always into that kind of music, some big artists were playing other genres before.

Stay tuned for my next post with more EDM! So all the EDM fans shouldn't get disappointed by this one post!

October 4, 2010

I´m in RAGEMODE !! Let´s do RAGEMUSIC !!

Ok, I´m going to keep this one short again because I´m absolutely pissed off and raging hardcore. My PC broke down and just got back this friday, worked good for a day and now it´s fucked once more. Apparently there is still something broken and it needs to get back to repair once-a-fucking-again and my dad is pissed at me for asking help getting my PC back to the shop (what does the retard expect, for me to take it on the back of my bike and ride 25 km over there to get it repaired) so I´m in a shit mood.

Still, I didn´t want this to mean I´m not posting any music today so I will.

We´ll do some techno for this time. We´ll start off with this one, it´s a true hit and getting quite some support overal.

Here is Siwell - 2048 (Original Mix):

And for the second song we got Spiros Kaloumenos - Doom (Original Mix):

Hope you enjoy the tracks and I´ll get back to you with some fresh ones (and hopefully a longer post where I am not completely raging) tomorrow so please keep checking back.

October 2, 2010

One of Holland's finest... HARDSTYLE !!

So, I'm going to keep this one short again because today I got a family reunion thingie during the day and at night I'll be out clubbing so I need to prepare right now. You know, take a shower, pack some stuff and make myself look good for the ladies.

I am not really sure if people who regularly visit my blog will like this so give me some feedback on this one. It's a genre that pretty much completely originated from the Netherlands and is very mainstream here (while in lots of other countries where it's represented, it's very underground, except for Italy). Basically all the freaking artists who make this stuff even come from the Netherlands apart from an odd few. It's called hardstyle for people who might never heard of it before.

Let's start with the first song. This is one of my favorite and it needs to be played with a load bass. It's Noisecontrollers & Zany - Diavoli (Original Mix):

And here is another one of my favorites. Especially the interlude is fucking awesome. I'll keep it short, it's Dutch Master (go figure where this fucker is from) - Fly Like A Rocket (Original Mix):

So, I'll get back to you either tomorrow or monday (not sure if I even have time to post tomorrow, weekend = busy, busy, busy) and give you some stuff about how my weekend went and some new and fresh tunes.

October 1, 2010

We forgot progressive house...

Well, almost did at least! Let's first start with the personal stories for today. No university work so that was nice, just went to my best friend and hung out a little and later he's going to come by and help me install my computer because my computer is finally back! Most of you won't know this since I just started this blog but I ordered a brand new computer (if there are any tech geeks here interested in the specs, let me know and I'll post those tomorrow) and the internal memory broke after like a month time. I guess it was a production error or whatever and the memory was just bad. Anyways, so it went back to the shop where I ordered it and they fixed it for me but it took them a freaking MONTH! The fuckers even told me they'd send along a little present for my little waiting time but I didn't get shit, just my PC... Why the fuck do they promise shit if they ain't planning on actually giving it? Whatever I guess, I'm just going to never order there ever again, that's for sure.

So, let's get on with the important stuff. At least, for you guys, because you probably couldn't care less about my PC being fixed. As you can see, today is about progressive house, it's a mix between, well, normal house and trance and since trance is a huge Dutch sausage fest you can imagine a lot of Dutchies also being active in the production of progressive house tunes. So it probably won't surprise you (since I am Dutch myself) that I'm starting off with another track made by one of my fellow countryman. Now I usually think almost all of his tracks are utter crap but this is one of the few awesome tracks he made.

Let's start of with the first song. It's one of the mixes from Erick Morillo even and I truely adore Erick Morillo. He is actually one of the few minds in the electronic dance scene that knows his stuff AND is from the USA. I'm like, wtf! Don't mean to offend people but most Americans that are into EDM don't know utter shit (by coming to this blog you made a huge step of progression though, keep at it, there is still hope). Here is Afrojack - Radioman (Original Mix):

Oooh, and before I forget, if you're interested in where Erick Morillo used it in his mixes, check out Subliminal Sessions 12. Now, to get on with the 2nd track. Yet again, it's one of the tracks Erick Morillo used on Subliminal Session 12. This is one of my favorite tunes of all time. Yes, of all time! You know how they say you got to keep the best for last? That's why I posted this tune as the 2nd instead of the 1st. You might know it already. It's Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Original Club Mix):

Also, if you don't like this last song (give it time though, it's a long track has an intro, it's not going to be a stomper from the start) you should probably have another look at your musical taste because 98/100 shot that your musical taste is actually complete shit. If you did enjoy the last tune than I can congratulate you (even if your an American, you are now of the kind like Erick Morillo) you are one step closer to knowing your stuff in the EDM scene and aren't a complete mongoloid.

Guys, if you have anymore requests on stuff I need to post on (I know I Love Weed wanted even more DnB, he can wait until monday where I promise him I'll post more DnB) just leave a comment underneath and I'll take it into consideration. Enjoy these tunes and especially enjoy your weekend, may the drinks/drugs spill all around and the parties/raves NEVER end!

September 30, 2010

As I promised, another electro house banger !!

Ok, so with my new blogging buddy Josh (check out his stuff on I got an exclusive download on here from a relatively unknown artist who is cool with us promoting his work!

Check out this banging electro house hit, I know I am sure as hell going to incorporate this one in some of my sets!

It's How To Kill Dario (Eye Dolls Electro Remix)! We don't even know the original artist, I wish I could to give him some credit but even the remixer has no idea so we'll have to do with this!

And here is Betatraxx - Foxtrot (Kids At The Bar Remix):

I hope you enjoy it and you can download it right here (it's all legal before I get any issues with the people from Blogger, the artist gave us his permission):

Anyways, that's it for today and I hope I can give you some more exclusives very soon! Also, be sure to check out my mates blog since he is trying to promote some banging dubstep tunes!

More Dubstep ??

Well, to start off with my personal stuff, my midterm yesterday went well for as far as I know so we'll just have to wait for the score. My last midterm on mathematics 1 just came in and I got an 80% so that's not too shabby although I am quite good at math and the midterm was easy so I think I should have scored even higher... Meh, whatever, I guess if I complete the course and get my ECT's it's all cool.

Then to get back to the music. So far my dubstep day has been by far my most popular day in terms of visits on a single day so I guess the people like it the most. If this is not true and you'd like to see another genre being done then you should tell me in the comments on this blogpost. But for now, since dubstep seems to be most popular, I'll be doing another dubstep post (not all posts from here on are going to be dubstep though so those who don't like it, don't worry and come back tomorrow for another genre) and this time it's AGAIN my all time favorite Mars and another producer. You'll see that a bit later but let's start off.

So, this is the first tune for today and again it's Mars (because I'm in love with the guy). He makes breakbeat and dubstep and since he seem to have this unique sound, I love it. Breakbeat is my favorite genre but he incorporates those elements so well in his dubstep tunes that I am growing quite fond of those as well. Look out for the mellowness (if that's even a word) from Mars - India Sleeping (Original Mix):

And then a tune I just found (with help of a friend, if you are reading this, thanks Josh, this one is partially for you) yesterday and it might be one of the best dubstep tunes I've ever heard. He didn't completely agree with me but I thought it sounded so very different that it appealed to me. Look out for this name also because the producer is very up and coming (if you have a label, which I doubt though, sign this guy, he is sick) and will be all over in some time, you just wait and mark those words. It's Minnesota - Emmisions (Original Mix):

I know I wasn't completely fair on the last tune since it's technically drumstep (a mix between DnB and dubstep) but I love it and I think I need to get myself some more drumstep apart from this very tune.

Anyways, that's it for now but keep looking out because I might have a second post today since some producers who I have contact with are willing to give me some exclusive downloads (without infringing copyrights, they aren't signed yet but still make some very sick tunes) so keep checking back here for some exclusive non-released tunes who will either come today or in a couple of days at the last. Also for people wondering about the genre, it's either going to be electro house or dubstep so if that sounds appealing to you, definitly check back here!

September 29, 2010

Electro house anyone ??

Ok, today I'm going to keep my post short because I have a midterm later today and I got to study some more to get a solid grade. So no real rambling about how awesome electro house is and what I love about the artist I am going to post about, just two songs and that's it for today.

First off is a couple of crazy Italian fuckers, The Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius (Radio Mix):

Also, don't just listen to Cornelius, also keep watching the clip. These fuckers know how to party and party good! Take an example from it!

Now the second song is of one of Dutch finest producers (yes, we Dutchies rule the electronic dance music scene... apart from maybe the British). Here is Sander Kleinenberg - T.I.O.N. (5K Remix):

Well, that's it for today. Sorry for the really short post but I really need to go and study now. This is only to show that I didn't forget you guys and get you the music you obviously crave. I'll make a longer and more insightful post tomorrow and probably even do a gear review somewhere this week on a piece of DJ equipment. I'm thinking about doing it on the Reloop RMP-1.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more awesome tunes, for now, adios!

September 28, 2010

Request from I Love Weed, Drum and Bass !!

I was already planning on doing some DnB today since it's the main genre that dubstep (the post of yesterday) originated out of but since he also requested it, I was certain I'd do a DnB post today. Also, if anyone else has a request (and not something like dubstep again, did that yesterday but maybe something you saw some days before or a genre I haven't made a post on just yet) feel free to post it here and I'll be gauranteed to give you 2 tracks that are great. Really appreciate the requests too since it really shows people are interested in the tunes I am posting and apparently like my taste of music.

On a sidenote, when I get my new DJ setup in (need quite some more cash so you know what that means, right?) I'll also post 30 minute mixes I make myself here so it's all for a greater good. But for now, some solid DnB tunes!

We'll start off with an inredibly relaxed tune, it's something I found a couple of months ago and is nothing like the usual DnB I come across so I was pleasantly surprised by it, I hope you are as well, it's B-Complex - Salad Is OK (Original Mix):

And this one if quite old (at least, most DJ's would call it old, I'm more of a guy that thinks that good tunes are timeless but I don't want anyone to think I am not keeping up with the new stuff) but still one of my favorites! I play it pretty much always when I am asked to play DnB just because it's too awesome. Get ready for John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix):

Also, for I Love Weed and anyone else interested in more DnB (or anything from another genre) you can hit me up on here and pass me email information if you want to correspond about music more privately (I don't want to encourage people doing illegal stuff on here... and not in private as well ofcourse :P). For now, I Love Weed, if you liked this check out more from Camo & Krooked! They are by far my favorite pair of DnB producers and almost every single track they ever made is golden!

Ok, that's it for today, stay tuned for another update tomorrow!

Edit: B-Complex - Salad Is OK (Original Mix) got replaced as the one I originally put there got removed...

September 27, 2010

Monday = Dubstep-day !!

At least for this monday... Might have a different genre going for next monday ofcourse! Anyways, since dubstep seems to be the hot genre of today and everyone is enjoying it (it's not my favorite but I enjoy almost all electronic dance music so dubstep is not an exception) I thought it would a good idea to devote a post to this genre for today. Had a great weekend too, some smaller parties so no trip reports or whatever... So I guess this is going to be a rather short blogspot. Got to study for a test this wednesday anyways so just enjoy these tunes guys!

We'll start off with Dodge & Fuski - Fierce (Original Mix):

And since I made a ritual of posting 2 songs a day, the 2nd of today is a track from one of my favorite producers of this moment! It's Mars (posted a breakbeat track from him before)! Check out Mars - Assassin (Original Mix):

Well, I guess that is that for today! Stay tuned for more tracks tomorrow from yet again a different EDM genre!

September 26, 2010

Two trance songs a day keeps the doctor away !!

So today I randomly decided to post some trance songs because I am just into all different kinds of electronic dance music and so should you (or at least every single DJ as far as I care). I think that tunnelvision and only acknowledging one of a couple different genres really cuts your potential. You needed to be open-minded to be successful and different to the masses, remember that people! Anyways, I might even make a post about nu-metal and hard rock because that's the stuff I'd listen to when I was 15 years old. Making sure I stay open minded myself!

Ok, let's get on with the music. This is Orjan Nilsen - So Long Radio (Original Mix):

And because I am a huge fan of Sied van Riel and Ummet Ozcan isn't too bad either, here comes Sied van Riel & Ummet Ozcan - Serendipity (Original Mix):

Now, I'm a 100% Dutchie so trance always does it for me. I guess it's in my blood (along with electro and progressive house). I mean, I pretty much have to, right? Like 75% of the biggest trance artists in the world are freaking Dutch. Still, the most of my blog crowd so far hasn't been Dutch so I help all the people from different countries still enjoy it!

September 25, 2010

Today is a good day for tech house !!

So, I basically just woke up and I thought a new blogpost was in order... Not sure on what music genre should be the one for today and so I decided on one of my favorite albums in the last 2 years or so. Normally I´m not much of a tech house guy but this one I find quite amazing and I´m not sure why... It´s basically two guys from the big old UK and they make some very trippy music if you ask me! I hope you guys like it!

The first song for today, Audiojack - Radio (Original Mix):

And then the best of their entire album, Audiojack - Schizophonic (Extended Mix):

Anyways, their album is called Radio just as the first song and is really worth looking at. I know it still turns some major heads when you (if you're a DJ) spin it in the club because it doesn't have too many songs that became MAJOR hits (not meaning it's bad ofcourse) but nobody will notice it's somewhat older before you got people nagging on about you spinning music from last year... In my opinion, a good record 2 years ago is probably still a good record today so why not play is every once in a while...

September 24, 2010

The very first post !! Breakbeat time !!

So, this is my very first of many blogposts and trying to get anyone who comes across my blog to get enthusiastic about electronic dance music. Now my biggest passion when it comes to EDM is breakbeat and to my surprise, it's not at all popular at most places! So I will post some breakbeat tunes here (at least, the ones I can find on YouTube, lots of good ones aren't even posted there) and hope that you people enjoy it... Also, if you did enjoy it and want to talk music or whatever, you can obviously just leave a comment and we can talk music and exchange artist and/or song names to both expand our music collections.

As for now, Vent - Turn The Page (Mars Remix):

And, Beatman & Ludmilla - Moldova (DaVIP Remix):

I hope you'll agree with me that those East European fuckers actually do know their music! Stay tuned for more songs on lots of different genres!