October 4, 2010

I´m in RAGEMODE !! Let´s do RAGEMUSIC !!

Ok, I´m going to keep this one short again because I´m absolutely pissed off and raging hardcore. My PC broke down and just got back this friday, worked good for a day and now it´s fucked once more. Apparently there is still something broken and it needs to get back to repair once-a-fucking-again and my dad is pissed at me for asking help getting my PC back to the shop (what does the retard expect, for me to take it on the back of my bike and ride 25 km over there to get it repaired) so I´m in a shit mood.

Still, I didn´t want this to mean I´m not posting any music today so I will.

We´ll do some techno for this time. We´ll start off with this one, it´s a true hit and getting quite some support overal.

Here is Siwell - 2048 (Original Mix):

And for the second song we got Spiros Kaloumenos - Doom (Original Mix):

Hope you enjoy the tracks and I´ll get back to you with some fresh ones (and hopefully a longer post where I am not completely raging) tomorrow so please keep checking back.


  1. Embrace the rage.
    This was the oddest music to read the news to.

  2. thanks for sharing, enjoyed your second video better, looking forward to seeing more =) P.S. where do you spin?

  3. Rage is good; It gets shit done. Hate is bad; It tears shit down.

  4. Nice, liked the second one a lot.

  5. Niiiice. My suggestion to everyone - Headphones

  6. second song had me trippin hard.

    i really shouldnt listen to this stuff baked ...

  7. I blame you for waking up everyone in my house...