October 22, 2010

Just one word: Electro...

Yeah, that's right. It's been a while since I did some electro house so since it's friday and the weekend is coming I thought this was the appropriate time. Sucks that I won't be partying this weekend though so it's mostly to get you people in the mood to go clubbing for 2-3 days straight. I do have a date with the girl I mentioned in my previous blogpost tonight and she already invited me over after the movies before the date actually started so that's starting out good. She is also putting huge emphasize on her parents not being home and texting becomes better and better lately. I got my fingers crossed I found myself a shy girl (she is pretty shy when around lots of people) that turns out to be a huge freak when you are a little more private. I heard of it before but never actually got one so really hoping it's my turn to get one of those rare ones for once.

We'll start off the weekend with a pretty solid producer from Belgium. Even though the country is fucking right next to Holland, it just doesn't have the overall potential that Holland has when it comes to electronic dance music. What can I say, UK is probably the biggest but also have a way bigger population and still, Holland is fucking HUGE in the world of EDM and I freaking love being born here for this fact. Anyways, I digress so here is Dopefish - Disco d'Or (Frost DJ Sexx Remix):

I know, the remixer has the worst producing alias I've ever seen. Seriously, from all the names you can pick you go with Frost DJ Sexx. Yeah, good thinking Einstein. Now let's go on with some sick prodigy from Lithuania. This really makes me sick to my stomach because he is 2 youngers than me and is already releasing records while I am still starting out. Feels pretty bad but whatever, don't think about it too much because I know I'll get there as long as I put in the work. I was just busy making different music (like hard-rock/metal) when I was his age. Here is Bart Lectro - Quarantine (Lazy Rich Remix):

Yep, another Lazy Rich track. I can't get enough of the dude. Seriously, are you hearing the same stuff I am. The guy is a freaking electro house genius. Anyways, hope you liked these tunes and everybody should stay tuned for the next post filled with electronic dance music deliciousness!


  1. well. cant tell anything about that

  2. Awesome second track. Wish I knew where I could get the mp3 of it.

  3. Gotta love them repressed chicks that turn out to be freaks. You might have your hands full there.

    I can't stop picturing Wiggum getting down to that Lazy Rich track.

  4. Awesome electro! The Lazy Rich one made me laugh cuz of Wiggum just grinning there. Good song though.

  5. >She is also putting huge emphasize on her parents
    Always a good sign.

    Thanks for the music but I want to hear your hard-rock/metal track you mentioned :D

  6. quite a following you have amassed.

  7. I'm sorry, but I don't liek electro/houze muzek.
    I appreciate the bass line of the beginning of first track by the way.