October 8, 2010

Another request, here comes electro !!

So, I went clubbing yesterday (thursday is the night all college kids go out) and it was fun except for I got into a fight. We won though and the fuckers got beat good while they were taunting us. Serves them right, we weren't there to fight but if they mess with me and my mates and want it badly we are kind enough to oblige. Guys were sick pussies too. One of my mates only got a little scratch on his arm from taking them down to the ground. Shame we (and them as well) got kicked out after that incident but whatever, we were about to go home anyways.

I got another request yesterday for more electro house and I hope this will get me visitors because traffic on here has been dead lately. I had quite a solid group of followers grown quick from the start but people seem to be slacking in looking here for great music. Makes no sense too, people need to hear these tunes!

Ok, today's first tune is from the absolute king (in my opinion at least) of electro house. It's Lazy Rich and he pretty much only makes electro tracks and all of them are freaking solid. This is Lazy Rich & Hirshee - Blast Off! (Original Mix):

If you like electro, look his stuff up and enjoy. Particularly like the vocals in that track! The second one is an absolute hit of this summer. At least, all the good DJ's have heard it and played it, still all the small time boys following the trends from the big boys haven't quite picked up yet and aren't really playing this. Heard it in a smaller club only for the first time yesterday while I am already playing it for a solid 4-5 months. Probably a sign I should be able to go big time because I don't follow the trends, I set them! Here is Congorock - Babylon (Original Mix):

No go back up and listen to Babylon again with your subwoofer set to the max. It makes the song at least 3x as good!

That's it for today, got a slow weekend ahead of me so I'll post some more. Keep checking back and give me some love.


  1. ho my gosssshh. the second one goes OFF.


  2. Definetly interesting. Will be looking further into this.

  3. nice, I can't wait to see what you have to say in your next post

  4. Congorock exemplifies its own name, pretty wild beats.

  5. Wow, I've never even heard of them before. Sweet shit.

  6. Electric always gets my body movin ;)

  7. awesome vids man, keep the hard work