September 30, 2010

As I promised, another electro house banger !!

Ok, so with my new blogging buddy Josh (check out his stuff on I got an exclusive download on here from a relatively unknown artist who is cool with us promoting his work!

Check out this banging electro house hit, I know I am sure as hell going to incorporate this one in some of my sets!

It's How To Kill Dario (Eye Dolls Electro Remix)! We don't even know the original artist, I wish I could to give him some credit but even the remixer has no idea so we'll have to do with this!

And here is Betatraxx - Foxtrot (Kids At The Bar Remix):

I hope you enjoy it and you can download it right here (it's all legal before I get any issues with the people from Blogger, the artist gave us his permission):

Anyways, that's it for today and I hope I can give you some more exclusives very soon! Also, be sure to check out my mates blog since he is trying to promote some banging dubstep tunes!

More Dubstep ??

Well, to start off with my personal stuff, my midterm yesterday went well for as far as I know so we'll just have to wait for the score. My last midterm on mathematics 1 just came in and I got an 80% so that's not too shabby although I am quite good at math and the midterm was easy so I think I should have scored even higher... Meh, whatever, I guess if I complete the course and get my ECT's it's all cool.

Then to get back to the music. So far my dubstep day has been by far my most popular day in terms of visits on a single day so I guess the people like it the most. If this is not true and you'd like to see another genre being done then you should tell me in the comments on this blogpost. But for now, since dubstep seems to be most popular, I'll be doing another dubstep post (not all posts from here on are going to be dubstep though so those who don't like it, don't worry and come back tomorrow for another genre) and this time it's AGAIN my all time favorite Mars and another producer. You'll see that a bit later but let's start off.

So, this is the first tune for today and again it's Mars (because I'm in love with the guy). He makes breakbeat and dubstep and since he seem to have this unique sound, I love it. Breakbeat is my favorite genre but he incorporates those elements so well in his dubstep tunes that I am growing quite fond of those as well. Look out for the mellowness (if that's even a word) from Mars - India Sleeping (Original Mix):

And then a tune I just found (with help of a friend, if you are reading this, thanks Josh, this one is partially for you) yesterday and it might be one of the best dubstep tunes I've ever heard. He didn't completely agree with me but I thought it sounded so very different that it appealed to me. Look out for this name also because the producer is very up and coming (if you have a label, which I doubt though, sign this guy, he is sick) and will be all over in some time, you just wait and mark those words. It's Minnesota - Emmisions (Original Mix):

I know I wasn't completely fair on the last tune since it's technically drumstep (a mix between DnB and dubstep) but I love it and I think I need to get myself some more drumstep apart from this very tune.

Anyways, that's it for now but keep looking out because I might have a second post today since some producers who I have contact with are willing to give me some exclusive downloads (without infringing copyrights, they aren't signed yet but still make some very sick tunes) so keep checking back here for some exclusive non-released tunes who will either come today or in a couple of days at the last. Also for people wondering about the genre, it's either going to be electro house or dubstep so if that sounds appealing to you, definitly check back here!

September 29, 2010

Electro house anyone ??

Ok, today I'm going to keep my post short because I have a midterm later today and I got to study some more to get a solid grade. So no real rambling about how awesome electro house is and what I love about the artist I am going to post about, just two songs and that's it for today.

First off is a couple of crazy Italian fuckers, The Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius (Radio Mix):

Also, don't just listen to Cornelius, also keep watching the clip. These fuckers know how to party and party good! Take an example from it!

Now the second song is of one of Dutch finest producers (yes, we Dutchies rule the electronic dance music scene... apart from maybe the British). Here is Sander Kleinenberg - T.I.O.N. (5K Remix):

Well, that's it for today. Sorry for the really short post but I really need to go and study now. This is only to show that I didn't forget you guys and get you the music you obviously crave. I'll make a longer and more insightful post tomorrow and probably even do a gear review somewhere this week on a piece of DJ equipment. I'm thinking about doing it on the Reloop RMP-1.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more awesome tunes, for now, adios!

September 28, 2010

Request from I Love Weed, Drum and Bass !!

I was already planning on doing some DnB today since it's the main genre that dubstep (the post of yesterday) originated out of but since he also requested it, I was certain I'd do a DnB post today. Also, if anyone else has a request (and not something like dubstep again, did that yesterday but maybe something you saw some days before or a genre I haven't made a post on just yet) feel free to post it here and I'll be gauranteed to give you 2 tracks that are great. Really appreciate the requests too since it really shows people are interested in the tunes I am posting and apparently like my taste of music.

On a sidenote, when I get my new DJ setup in (need quite some more cash so you know what that means, right?) I'll also post 30 minute mixes I make myself here so it's all for a greater good. But for now, some solid DnB tunes!

We'll start off with an inredibly relaxed tune, it's something I found a couple of months ago and is nothing like the usual DnB I come across so I was pleasantly surprised by it, I hope you are as well, it's B-Complex - Salad Is OK (Original Mix):

And this one if quite old (at least, most DJ's would call it old, I'm more of a guy that thinks that good tunes are timeless but I don't want anyone to think I am not keeping up with the new stuff) but still one of my favorites! I play it pretty much always when I am asked to play DnB just because it's too awesome. Get ready for John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix):

Also, for I Love Weed and anyone else interested in more DnB (or anything from another genre) you can hit me up on here and pass me email information if you want to correspond about music more privately (I don't want to encourage people doing illegal stuff on here... and not in private as well ofcourse :P). For now, I Love Weed, if you liked this check out more from Camo & Krooked! They are by far my favorite pair of DnB producers and almost every single track they ever made is golden!

Ok, that's it for today, stay tuned for another update tomorrow!

Edit: B-Complex - Salad Is OK (Original Mix) got replaced as the one I originally put there got removed...

September 27, 2010

Monday = Dubstep-day !!

At least for this monday... Might have a different genre going for next monday ofcourse! Anyways, since dubstep seems to be the hot genre of today and everyone is enjoying it (it's not my favorite but I enjoy almost all electronic dance music so dubstep is not an exception) I thought it would a good idea to devote a post to this genre for today. Had a great weekend too, some smaller parties so no trip reports or whatever... So I guess this is going to be a rather short blogspot. Got to study for a test this wednesday anyways so just enjoy these tunes guys!

We'll start off with Dodge & Fuski - Fierce (Original Mix):

And since I made a ritual of posting 2 songs a day, the 2nd of today is a track from one of my favorite producers of this moment! It's Mars (posted a breakbeat track from him before)! Check out Mars - Assassin (Original Mix):

Well, I guess that is that for today! Stay tuned for more tracks tomorrow from yet again a different EDM genre!

September 26, 2010

Two trance songs a day keeps the doctor away !!

So today I randomly decided to post some trance songs because I am just into all different kinds of electronic dance music and so should you (or at least every single DJ as far as I care). I think that tunnelvision and only acknowledging one of a couple different genres really cuts your potential. You needed to be open-minded to be successful and different to the masses, remember that people! Anyways, I might even make a post about nu-metal and hard rock because that's the stuff I'd listen to when I was 15 years old. Making sure I stay open minded myself!

Ok, let's get on with the music. This is Orjan Nilsen - So Long Radio (Original Mix):

And because I am a huge fan of Sied van Riel and Ummet Ozcan isn't too bad either, here comes Sied van Riel & Ummet Ozcan - Serendipity (Original Mix):

Now, I'm a 100% Dutchie so trance always does it for me. I guess it's in my blood (along with electro and progressive house). I mean, I pretty much have to, right? Like 75% of the biggest trance artists in the world are freaking Dutch. Still, the most of my blog crowd so far hasn't been Dutch so I help all the people from different countries still enjoy it!

September 25, 2010

Today is a good day for tech house !!

So, I basically just woke up and I thought a new blogpost was in order... Not sure on what music genre should be the one for today and so I decided on one of my favorite albums in the last 2 years or so. Normally I´m not much of a tech house guy but this one I find quite amazing and I´m not sure why... It´s basically two guys from the big old UK and they make some very trippy music if you ask me! I hope you guys like it!

The first song for today, Audiojack - Radio (Original Mix):

And then the best of their entire album, Audiojack - Schizophonic (Extended Mix):

Anyways, their album is called Radio just as the first song and is really worth looking at. I know it still turns some major heads when you (if you're a DJ) spin it in the club because it doesn't have too many songs that became MAJOR hits (not meaning it's bad ofcourse) but nobody will notice it's somewhat older before you got people nagging on about you spinning music from last year... In my opinion, a good record 2 years ago is probably still a good record today so why not play is every once in a while...

September 24, 2010

The very first post !! Breakbeat time !!

So, this is my very first of many blogposts and trying to get anyone who comes across my blog to get enthusiastic about electronic dance music. Now my biggest passion when it comes to EDM is breakbeat and to my surprise, it's not at all popular at most places! So I will post some breakbeat tunes here (at least, the ones I can find on YouTube, lots of good ones aren't even posted there) and hope that you people enjoy it... Also, if you did enjoy it and want to talk music or whatever, you can obviously just leave a comment and we can talk music and exchange artist and/or song names to both expand our music collections.

As for now, Vent - Turn The Page (Mars Remix):

And, Beatman & Ludmilla - Moldova (DaVIP Remix):

I hope you'll agree with me that those East European fuckers actually do know their music! Stay tuned for more songs on lots of different genres!