September 28, 2010

Request from I Love Weed, Drum and Bass !!

I was already planning on doing some DnB today since it's the main genre that dubstep (the post of yesterday) originated out of but since he also requested it, I was certain I'd do a DnB post today. Also, if anyone else has a request (and not something like dubstep again, did that yesterday but maybe something you saw some days before or a genre I haven't made a post on just yet) feel free to post it here and I'll be gauranteed to give you 2 tracks that are great. Really appreciate the requests too since it really shows people are interested in the tunes I am posting and apparently like my taste of music.

On a sidenote, when I get my new DJ setup in (need quite some more cash so you know what that means, right?) I'll also post 30 minute mixes I make myself here so it's all for a greater good. But for now, some solid DnB tunes!

We'll start off with an inredibly relaxed tune, it's something I found a couple of months ago and is nothing like the usual DnB I come across so I was pleasantly surprised by it, I hope you are as well, it's B-Complex - Salad Is OK (Original Mix):

And this one if quite old (at least, most DJ's would call it old, I'm more of a guy that thinks that good tunes are timeless but I don't want anyone to think I am not keeping up with the new stuff) but still one of my favorites! I play it pretty much always when I am asked to play DnB just because it's too awesome. Get ready for John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix):

Also, for I Love Weed and anyone else interested in more DnB (or anything from another genre) you can hit me up on here and pass me email information if you want to correspond about music more privately (I don't want to encourage people doing illegal stuff on here... and not in private as well ofcourse :P). For now, I Love Weed, if you liked this check out more from Camo & Krooked! They are by far my favorite pair of DnB producers and almost every single track they ever made is golden!

Ok, that's it for today, stay tuned for another update tomorrow!

Edit: B-Complex - Salad Is OK (Original Mix) got replaced as the one I originally put there got removed...


  1. Nice tracks. waiting 4 tomorrow!

  2. Waiting for your next update, good music in this one despite not beign my style

  3. Loving the tracks man, there awesome

  4. A friend of mine tried to get me into DnB. I have to say you're doing a much better job than him! :)

  5. Following this thread every day. Music keeps getting better.. Freakin awesome songs mate!

  6. Cool songs, keep up the postin, I love music blogs!

  7. FUCK YEAH DnB!!

    i even get an honorary mention :D

    first song is awesome !!

    didnt like the second one so much... seems to... standard... or something... :D

    def checking out b-complex though