September 30, 2010

As I promised, another electro house banger !!

Ok, so with my new blogging buddy Josh (check out his stuff on I got an exclusive download on here from a relatively unknown artist who is cool with us promoting his work!

Check out this banging electro house hit, I know I am sure as hell going to incorporate this one in some of my sets!

It's How To Kill Dario (Eye Dolls Electro Remix)! We don't even know the original artist, I wish I could to give him some credit but even the remixer has no idea so we'll have to do with this!

And here is Betatraxx - Foxtrot (Kids At The Bar Remix):

I hope you enjoy it and you can download it right here (it's all legal before I get any issues with the people from Blogger, the artist gave us his permission):

Anyways, that's it for today and I hope I can give you some more exclusives very soon! Also, be sure to check out my mates blog since he is trying to promote some banging dubstep tunes!


  1. I'm slowly building up a playlist through following this blog. Thanks!

  2. I love the music you post, Frank. Keep it coming!

  3. nice stuff man, loving the beat

  4. beta traxx is the shit, i got all their stuff since before they started

  5. That's some funky beat righ there. (It's cool to say funky, right? Do kids even say cool anymore?)