September 24, 2010

The very first post !! Breakbeat time !!

So, this is my very first of many blogposts and trying to get anyone who comes across my blog to get enthusiastic about electronic dance music. Now my biggest passion when it comes to EDM is breakbeat and to my surprise, it's not at all popular at most places! So I will post some breakbeat tunes here (at least, the ones I can find on YouTube, lots of good ones aren't even posted there) and hope that you people enjoy it... Also, if you did enjoy it and want to talk music or whatever, you can obviously just leave a comment and we can talk music and exchange artist and/or song names to both expand our music collections.

As for now, Vent - Turn The Page (Mars Remix):

And, Beatman & Ludmilla - Moldova (DaVIP Remix):

I hope you'll agree with me that those East European fuckers actually do know their music! Stay tuned for more songs on lots of different genres!


  1. Nice! Very promising, and this is music I would have never heard otherwise :)

  2. Kind of reminds me of Dubstep... Its pretty cool :D

  3. Turn the page freaks me out. AWESOME

  4. Have you heard of armin van buuren? hes a really good dj and i think you might like him!

  5. I REALLY like this video, keep up the good work.