November 29, 2010

Another first, liveset posted !!

Ok, so I'm currently on the phone with my girl so I'll keep it short once more. Went over there this weekend for the birthday of her little bro since the little rascal is quite fond of me. Had a nice rave in the evening so I got my solid doses of doing fun stuff this weekend. Unfortunately I had to turn in a paper today so I had to do some stuff for that as well.

Anyways, on to the music. This is a liveset in one of my favorite clubs in the UK (I mean, come on, it has a vibrating floor) and it's a set by one of producers from France. I actually hate French people but whatever, these guys know how to make a banging solid tune. It's BSD:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Well, that's it for now! Stay tuned for my next updates with more banging tunes! I'll be sure to put one out before the weekend so I won't tell you guys to party hard just yet. But if you want to party hard before the weekend, you fucking well should!

November 25, 2010

Exams and beats !!

Ok, another short update since I´m being super busy lately. Not necessarily a bad thing but it does mean I have less time for my loyal followers unfortunately. Tomorrow I have my last exam before Christmass so college work will boil down for at least a couple of weeks. Also started trading on the commodity and stock market today but that´s something completely different. It´s also completely different from music but that´s my back-up plan. If music carreer doesn´t work out, I´ll be a trader.

Anyways, on to the music since I don´t want to leave you guys without a tune again like last time. How else are you going to get your electronic dance music fix, right ?? The first tune is going to be by a producer lots of DJ´s think is crap. It´s true that his tunes aren´t always too sophisticated but I like them and that´s all that matters. Here is Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker (Original Mix):

About the second tune, I´ll be short. It´s another electro house banger from the well known and great producer from Canada. By now you must all know who I mean. It´s Deadmau5 - Some Chords (Original Mix):

Ok, once more, I´ll try to update more regularly and since the weekend is just around the corner again, be sure to rave and party hard !! Because that´s what life is all about, stay tuned for my next post with fresh tunes !!

November 22, 2010

Update soon, I promise once more !!

Ok, I'm very sorry that I once again won't update my blog with music as much as I'd like to. I had a very busy weekend, friday went to my girlfriend, saturday was a birthday party of a mate of mine. Got home at 06:30 in the AM so you better know it was super solid !! Then I had to get up 4 hours later to drive another friend to the airport. That was super bad because I was tired as hell. And today I went with family and friends to the new Harry Potter movie so it's busy, busy, busy !!

Anyways, I promise I'll give you guys 2 new and super fresh tunes tomorrow !! Just stay tuned and wait for the awesomeness to arrive !!

November 15, 2010


No seriously, fucking finally since I finally got to fuck my girl this weekend. Took me a short month but at least it was good. I am not sure who cares about this update but I just had to put it in there for the people who are interested. For the rest I've been lazy and trying to make my tuition payments since somewhere along the line something went wrong. I've been calling and calling but people constantly send me over to one another.

To get on with the music, I decided to take some sexy music because well, I'm just feeling sexy. I think house music is actually the sexiest so let's get on with it. The first one is obviously from a Dutchie since I love them so much. It's Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Be Real (Extended Mix):

And the second one is with an amazing flute in it. I'm not sure why I love this track but I just do so don't judge me for it please !! It's Ansari - African Flute (Original Mix):

I hope you all had a great weekend with lots of raves and keep getting back for more musical (and sexual updates) right here !!

November 11, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts... HARDSTYLE !!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I have very little access to a computer lately because my own PC broke down and is once again back in the shop to get repaired. Good news is they will probably give me an entire new system because I'm still in the warranty period. I had a back-up PC but I think I've killed that one watching Jersey Shore. I was bored and wanted to watch entire first season because it's an epic show and I got on a bad site which gave me a virus I do think. The PC was already old anyways but I still need to try and reinstall windows to see if it works again. As of now, it doesn't even boot anymore.

As for the musical updates. I'm not completely sure as to what genre to do today so I think I'll just post whatever I find on YouTube right now. The first tune is some very nice hardstyle since it been a long time the last time I posted about the genre. It's Acti - Welcome To The Record Shop (Extended Mix):

And since I started on the genre I might as well stay in it. I also decided to use a golden oldie that should be known by everyone that likes to rave. It's Technohead - I Want To Be A Hippy (Original Mix):

I hope you all enjoyed today's tunes and I hereby promise I'll try to update more regularly again even though I have a hard time finding a working computer to do it on. Also, since it's once again, almost weekend, to go raving this weekend !! I know I will once again saturday !! What's life without partying like a mad one !!

November 6, 2010

A little random, goosebumps...

Ok, very short update since my girl is still over and I don't have time to make a long post. I'll post a solid update again after the weekend and give you some new views on stuff.

Just got reminded of this song since I wanted to play some music at home that my girl also likes (she is not a fan of electronic dance music) and this song literally gives me goosebumps.

Check it, it's Metallica - The Ecstasy Of Gold:

Stay tuned for the next big update and be sure to get raving this weekend guys !! I know I will tonight !!

November 4, 2010

Breakbeat update ??

I guess it is !! Going to be short today because I got tons of stuff to do before I go to a party tonight and my girl is coming over tomorrow when my parents are out of town. Ooh yes, that's right !! Home alone already !! She actually told me the first time she'd be coming over and my parents were gone we'd get some strawberries and chocolate involved but since we didn't even have regular sex yet due to her period, we decided to keep that for next time I'm home alone again which is going to be around somewhere in December...

Anyways, on to the music. I'm not quite sure what to post today since I'm not on my own computer and can't check my own music collection so I'll just go with it from the top of my head.

The first tune is from one of my all time favorite breakbeat artists. Too bad I don't have all of his tunes so I'm still actively collecting stuff from him. The thing that sets him apart is that it's really progressive (also goes great into a progressive house set to diversify a bit) and I usually don't like progressive breakbeat, only progressive house. To me, breakbeat needs to sound dirty almost like dubstep but not as filthy as. Anyways, it's Refracture - Aria (Original Mix):

Now here is a tune that I usually mean when I say that my breakbeat has to sound dirty. It's filled with those want to hear acid sounds and does great when the crowd is already hyped a little. This is one to get the party absolutely mental when they are down for it. Too bad not all people respond well to this kind of music because some people are just too afraid of their inner animal to let loose on these kind of tracks. Anyways, it's RuN RiOT - Everybody Needs A Bassline2 (Original Mix):

Also, if you like the last tune be sure to check out the Peter Paul Remix. I actually like that one better but was unable to find it posted on YouTube so you'll have to do with the original.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next update with fresh tunes once more and since the weekend is already around the corner, be sure to rave !! I know I will this saturday, big party planned again since it's the first saturday of the month !!

November 1, 2010

Been a long time, some house to make it up to you...

Sorry guys that it's been such a long time. Had an extremely busy weekend after I had exams last week and almost slept all day today since I was so exhausted. Even completely slept in for my classes so bad, I didn't even hear my alarm go off and just slept straight through it. The weekend was awesome though, had small LAN party friday and saturday I went to see my girl and we went clubbing with some of her friends so I could meet them and all. It started off really boring (although I got to pick out her outfit which was hot) because in the club they started playing Dutch music and with that I don't mean house made by Dutch DJ's but with actual Dutch lyrics and singing in them. The thing is, if there is one thing I can't stand, especially on the musical front, it's freaking Dutch music! Anyways, I drank my way through it and my girl got scared of me being an alcoholic. Later that evening they went a little more towards playing dance/club music and it became more fun for me.

We got home relatively early because her back was aching (she has been having backpains for several months now) and although we didn't plan it we continued the party there with just the two of us. She was on her period so we didn't fuck but I got a blowjob out of it (although she didn't finish it because we thought we'd get caught) and I did get her all riled up which is always fun. Good thing to know where she has her sensitive bits to touch to get her horney without having to go down immediatly. Anticipation is key guys, anticipation is key.

Ok, to get on with the music for today. The first is a really nice house track which uses the melody of a very well known song (+ 10 points for the first one to guess it right) but makes it way more dance-able in my opinion. I like the original but there are too many breaks built in to it to my liking. It's Nik Denton - Freaks Don't Sleep (Original Mix):

The second track is an older one but still really nice in my opinion. One of my favorite house producers and signed to one of my all-time favorite labels ever. Seriously, this label, everything that gets released on it is pure gold. Not really hard though when it's being managed by the legend, Erick Morillo, himself! It's Richard Grey - Bang (Sebjak Remix):

Ok, that's it for today. Enjoy this stuff and stay tuned for my next post which will be tomorrow or wednesday depending on if I get enough responds on this one.