November 4, 2010

Breakbeat update ??

I guess it is !! Going to be short today because I got tons of stuff to do before I go to a party tonight and my girl is coming over tomorrow when my parents are out of town. Ooh yes, that's right !! Home alone already !! She actually told me the first time she'd be coming over and my parents were gone we'd get some strawberries and chocolate involved but since we didn't even have regular sex yet due to her period, we decided to keep that for next time I'm home alone again which is going to be around somewhere in December...

Anyways, on to the music. I'm not quite sure what to post today since I'm not on my own computer and can't check my own music collection so I'll just go with it from the top of my head.

The first tune is from one of my all time favorite breakbeat artists. Too bad I don't have all of his tunes so I'm still actively collecting stuff from him. The thing that sets him apart is that it's really progressive (also goes great into a progressive house set to diversify a bit) and I usually don't like progressive breakbeat, only progressive house. To me, breakbeat needs to sound dirty almost like dubstep but not as filthy as. Anyways, it's Refracture - Aria (Original Mix):

Now here is a tune that I usually mean when I say that my breakbeat has to sound dirty. It's filled with those want to hear acid sounds and does great when the crowd is already hyped a little. This is one to get the party absolutely mental when they are down for it. Too bad not all people respond well to this kind of music because some people are just too afraid of their inner animal to let loose on these kind of tracks. Anyways, it's RuN RiOT - Everybody Needs A Bassline2 (Original Mix):

Also, if you like the last tune be sure to check out the Peter Paul Remix. I actually like that one better but was unable to find it posted on YouTube so you'll have to do with the original.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next update with fresh tunes once more and since the weekend is already around the corner, be sure to rave !! I know I will this saturday, big party planned again since it's the first saturday of the month !!


  1. Can't help but rock to these tunes!

  2. I think I am really starting to get to know your lady friend! Meow! Sorry, being a perv.
    As long as I am being vulgar, the RuN RiOT song is making my nuts tingle with it's ducky baseline.

  3. i will check out this remix, thanks for the info

  4. dam it you tube videos wont load for me today or something

  5. Not into this genre all that much but i enjoyed the songs posted.
    May check out more.

  6. Not really my kind of music but good songs.