November 1, 2010

Been a long time, some house to make it up to you...

Sorry guys that it's been such a long time. Had an extremely busy weekend after I had exams last week and almost slept all day today since I was so exhausted. Even completely slept in for my classes so bad, I didn't even hear my alarm go off and just slept straight through it. The weekend was awesome though, had small LAN party friday and saturday I went to see my girl and we went clubbing with some of her friends so I could meet them and all. It started off really boring (although I got to pick out her outfit which was hot) because in the club they started playing Dutch music and with that I don't mean house made by Dutch DJ's but with actual Dutch lyrics and singing in them. The thing is, if there is one thing I can't stand, especially on the musical front, it's freaking Dutch music! Anyways, I drank my way through it and my girl got scared of me being an alcoholic. Later that evening they went a little more towards playing dance/club music and it became more fun for me.

We got home relatively early because her back was aching (she has been having backpains for several months now) and although we didn't plan it we continued the party there with just the two of us. She was on her period so we didn't fuck but I got a blowjob out of it (although she didn't finish it because we thought we'd get caught) and I did get her all riled up which is always fun. Good thing to know where she has her sensitive bits to touch to get her horney without having to go down immediatly. Anticipation is key guys, anticipation is key.

Ok, to get on with the music for today. The first is a really nice house track which uses the melody of a very well known song (+ 10 points for the first one to guess it right) but makes it way more dance-able in my opinion. I like the original but there are too many breaks built in to it to my liking. It's Nik Denton - Freaks Don't Sleep (Original Mix):

The second track is an older one but still really nice in my opinion. One of my favorite house producers and signed to one of my all-time favorite labels ever. Seriously, this label, everything that gets released on it is pure gold. Not really hard though when it's being managed by the legend, Erick Morillo, himself! It's Richard Grey - Bang (Sebjak Remix):

Ok, that's it for today. Enjoy this stuff and stay tuned for my next post which will be tomorrow or wednesday depending on if I get enough responds on this one.


  1. Sweet, loving the tracks. Can't wait to see the next big post.

  2. richard grey is real dope, classic

  3. that nik denton track reminds me of some of daft punk's earlier material

  4. sweet tunes man
    thanks for sharing

  5. Nice first choice of music (Freaks Don't Sleep) for after-exams.
    Period, eh? Didn't want to ride the freaky Red Tide? Can't says I blame you.
    I'll stop being disgusting now.

  6. I need to listen to more of this stuff :D

  7. what were you playing at the lan party?

  8. she gave you a bj but you didnt finish??!

    just mustve been srsly blueballing.

    i wouldve been like "fuck gettin caught, finish what you started!" xD