November 25, 2010

Exams and beats !!

Ok, another short update since I´m being super busy lately. Not necessarily a bad thing but it does mean I have less time for my loyal followers unfortunately. Tomorrow I have my last exam before Christmass so college work will boil down for at least a couple of weeks. Also started trading on the commodity and stock market today but that´s something completely different. It´s also completely different from music but that´s my back-up plan. If music carreer doesn´t work out, I´ll be a trader.

Anyways, on to the music since I don´t want to leave you guys without a tune again like last time. How else are you going to get your electronic dance music fix, right ?? The first tune is going to be by a producer lots of DJ´s think is crap. It´s true that his tunes aren´t always too sophisticated but I like them and that´s all that matters. Here is Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker (Original Mix):

About the second tune, I´ll be short. It´s another electro house banger from the well known and great producer from Canada. By now you must all know who I mean. It´s Deadmau5 - Some Chords (Original Mix):

Ok, once more, I´ll try to update more regularly and since the weekend is just around the corner again, be sure to rave and party hard !! Because that´s what life is all about, stay tuned for my next post with fresh tunes !!


  1. Do you have any specific plans as a trader? Any past trading experience?

  2. i'm on finals as well, good luck

  3. Music to get your stocks on? I can't party hard tis weekend. I will have to settle for medium.

  4. Love your music Frank! I'd be interested in a post (or repost?) of some "Blue" remixes!