November 6, 2010

A little random, goosebumps...

Ok, very short update since my girl is still over and I don't have time to make a long post. I'll post a solid update again after the weekend and give you some new views on stuff.

Just got reminded of this song since I wanted to play some music at home that my girl also likes (she is not a fan of electronic dance music) and this song literally gives me goosebumps.

Check it, it's Metallica - The Ecstasy Of Gold:

Stay tuned for the next big update and be sure to get raving this weekend guys !! I know I will tonight !!


  1. Nice, epic track. I love me some 'tallica.

  2. nice!
    Metallica rocks!
    post st.anger next time!

  3. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

  4. very good song. the live version is always so much more powerful

  5. Big fan of Metallica here. Never heard of this song before though o_O. Thanks for introducing me to it.