November 22, 2010

Update soon, I promise once more !!

Ok, I'm very sorry that I once again won't update my blog with music as much as I'd like to. I had a very busy weekend, friday went to my girlfriend, saturday was a birthday party of a mate of mine. Got home at 06:30 in the AM so you better know it was super solid !! Then I had to get up 4 hours later to drive another friend to the airport. That was super bad because I was tired as hell. And today I went with family and friends to the new Harry Potter movie so it's busy, busy, busy !!

Anyways, I promise I'll give you guys 2 new and super fresh tunes tomorrow !! Just stay tuned and wait for the awesomeness to arrive !!


  1. waiting for it man, its been so long

  2. It's all good, man. Everyone gets busy sometimes. I actually just came back from a month long hiatus. We'll be patiently awaiting your next post.

  3. I never understand why people apologize for having a life. :D
    But the clock is ticking, and the Breakbeat Godz are watching.

  4. dude you dont understand, i get her horny as fuck everytime...

    she jacks me off while i finger her, but as soon as i make the move, shes all like "not with out the pill"

    so i'm like "fine, we can get the pill"

    she tells me shell make an apointment (but hasnt for like 3 months)

    she says condoms are "unsafe" and "only against stds and not pregnancy"

    at least i got some head last time :D

  5. Take it easy man. Updates of your updates are still updates. Keep up with the updates! :D

  6. Sounds like you could use some sleep =)