September 30, 2010

More Dubstep ??

Well, to start off with my personal stuff, my midterm yesterday went well for as far as I know so we'll just have to wait for the score. My last midterm on mathematics 1 just came in and I got an 80% so that's not too shabby although I am quite good at math and the midterm was easy so I think I should have scored even higher... Meh, whatever, I guess if I complete the course and get my ECT's it's all cool.

Then to get back to the music. So far my dubstep day has been by far my most popular day in terms of visits on a single day so I guess the people like it the most. If this is not true and you'd like to see another genre being done then you should tell me in the comments on this blogpost. But for now, since dubstep seems to be most popular, I'll be doing another dubstep post (not all posts from here on are going to be dubstep though so those who don't like it, don't worry and come back tomorrow for another genre) and this time it's AGAIN my all time favorite Mars and another producer. You'll see that a bit later but let's start off.

So, this is the first tune for today and again it's Mars (because I'm in love with the guy). He makes breakbeat and dubstep and since he seem to have this unique sound, I love it. Breakbeat is my favorite genre but he incorporates those elements so well in his dubstep tunes that I am growing quite fond of those as well. Look out for the mellowness (if that's even a word) from Mars - India Sleeping (Original Mix):

And then a tune I just found (with help of a friend, if you are reading this, thanks Josh, this one is partially for you) yesterday and it might be one of the best dubstep tunes I've ever heard. He didn't completely agree with me but I thought it sounded so very different that it appealed to me. Look out for this name also because the producer is very up and coming (if you have a label, which I doubt though, sign this guy, he is sick) and will be all over in some time, you just wait and mark those words. It's Minnesota - Emmisions (Original Mix):

I know I wasn't completely fair on the last tune since it's technically drumstep (a mix between DnB and dubstep) but I love it and I think I need to get myself some more drumstep apart from this very tune.

Anyways, that's it for now but keep looking out because I might have a second post today since some producers who I have contact with are willing to give me some exclusive downloads (without infringing copyrights, they aren't signed yet but still make some very sick tunes) so keep checking back here for some exclusive non-released tunes who will either come today or in a couple of days at the last. Also for people wondering about the genre, it's either going to be electro house or dubstep so if that sounds appealing to you, definitly check back here!


  1. I can't stop listening to India Sleeping. I was not expecting this to be this cool. Totally trippy. Mellow indeed!

  2. I don't think I can ever get enough Dubstep.

    Those are some great tunes.

    I've been following Emalkay recently too, have you heard their stuff?

  3. Minneseto - emmisions is awesome! Hopefully your blograp will sound good over it :D

  4. More dubstep please! It's really relaxing.

  5. the only dubster i've heard is Burial. It's not such a bad genre

  6. I'm just now getting into this type of music from pure trance/techno. Thanks for the update!

  7. Yes mate, you uploaded emmisions. i lke it :) can't wait for minnesota's new sounds init

  8. I really like Emissions. It's a great song.

  9. You sir have a fine blog, and your passion for the genre shows in your content and effort. I will follow for sure.