October 1, 2010

We forgot progressive house...

Well, almost did at least! Let's first start with the personal stories for today. No university work so that was nice, just went to my best friend and hung out a little and later he's going to come by and help me install my computer because my computer is finally back! Most of you won't know this since I just started this blog but I ordered a brand new computer (if there are any tech geeks here interested in the specs, let me know and I'll post those tomorrow) and the internal memory broke after like a month time. I guess it was a production error or whatever and the memory was just bad. Anyways, so it went back to the shop where I ordered it and they fixed it for me but it took them a freaking MONTH! The fuckers even told me they'd send along a little present for my little waiting time but I didn't get shit, just my PC... Why the fuck do they promise shit if they ain't planning on actually giving it? Whatever I guess, I'm just going to never order there ever again, that's for sure.

So, let's get on with the important stuff. At least, for you guys, because you probably couldn't care less about my PC being fixed. As you can see, today is about progressive house, it's a mix between, well, normal house and trance and since trance is a huge Dutch sausage fest you can imagine a lot of Dutchies also being active in the production of progressive house tunes. So it probably won't surprise you (since I am Dutch myself) that I'm starting off with another track made by one of my fellow countryman. Now I usually think almost all of his tracks are utter crap but this is one of the few awesome tracks he made.

Let's start of with the first song. It's one of the mixes from Erick Morillo even and I truely adore Erick Morillo. He is actually one of the few minds in the electronic dance scene that knows his stuff AND is from the USA. I'm like, wtf! Don't mean to offend people but most Americans that are into EDM don't know utter shit (by coming to this blog you made a huge step of progression though, keep at it, there is still hope). Here is Afrojack - Radioman (Original Mix):

Oooh, and before I forget, if you're interested in where Erick Morillo used it in his mixes, check out Subliminal Sessions 12. Now, to get on with the 2nd track. Yet again, it's one of the tracks Erick Morillo used on Subliminal Session 12. This is one of my favorite tunes of all time. Yes, of all time! You know how they say you got to keep the best for last? That's why I posted this tune as the 2nd instead of the 1st. You might know it already. It's Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Original Club Mix):

Also, if you don't like this last song (give it time though, it's a long track has an intro, it's not going to be a stomper from the start) you should probably have another look at your musical taste because 98/100 shot that your musical taste is actually complete shit. If you did enjoy the last tune than I can congratulate you (even if your an American, you are now of the kind like Erick Morillo) you are one step closer to knowing your stuff in the EDM scene and aren't a complete mongoloid.

Guys, if you have anymore requests on stuff I need to post on (I know I Love Weed wanted even more DnB, he can wait until monday where I promise him I'll post more DnB) just leave a comment underneath and I'll take it into consideration. Enjoy these tunes and especially enjoy your weekend, may the drinks/drugs spill all around and the parties/raves NEVER end!


  1. Quality tunes, I was just online to download some new shit, thanks!

  2. 'production error' always sounds like a load of crap.
    I would definatley say that the second peice really was heel-tapping feel-goody-ness.

  3. thats some good links you have posted

  4. Good stuff, man. Looking forward to next post.

  5. Mmmmm progressive house is candy to my ears ^^

  6. Good tunes bro.
    Also check out Camo&Krooked and their Climax, it's got some real nice prog house elements.

  7. thats some good sounds.
    keep it up