October 24, 2010

A request from my loyal follower McRohanheim !!

Ok, a little update on the girl. It turns out she is pretty crazy about me and we are going to think up a way to convince her parents to give us a shot together. I'll give a little summary of what has happened the last couple of days. So, we went on a date this friday and everything turned out great. My hopes even became true about it being a shy freak. She is really shy and quiet overall and doesn't have an outspoken personality but once we got to her house afterwards she turned into a little freak. We decided to NOT have sex yet because of her mom not really approving of all this although we both got really horney. It's nice when the girls buttons are that easy to find and apparently I wasn't too hard to get all steamed up as well, lol. Her mom even thinks we are just seeing each other on a friendly basis while we are most definitly past that stadium, in fact, I don't think we were ever there! So the next day there was a gathering at her granddad's house for people to see him for the last time since he died. My mom met her mom there and apparently they talked a little bit and my mom was talking great words about me being a wonderful and sweet guy and stuff like that. Now at some point somebody said it must have been really cosy and fun time we had together and she started blushing so this is probably going public very soon. She wants to keep it a secret but if she starts blushing that's not really going to work. Now she already invited me to come over saturday and go clubbing a little because I got to face the counsel of girlfriends (there has been lots of talk going on about me to her friends and they want to see if I'm good enough and what not bullshit, ofcourse I am, they are going to be charmed like hell) so I guess we're heading in the right direction. To use an old A-Team quote: I just love it when a plan comes together!

Now, on to the music. I got a little request from McRohanheim in my last blogpost to do another nostalgia (at least for me) metalpost on songs I used to play on the drums when I was still playing those. Now I always loved Soulfly for some odd reason. I think because of their Brazilian style and a little bit of more detail on the drumlines. Here is another one of them I used to play. It's Soulfly - The Prophet:

And the second song is going to be more about the song itself. The song is pretty easy to play on the drums and is not so much hard metal as my previous song but I still love it. I hope it's not too commercial for you all. It's Rammstein - Hilf Mir:

Seriously, the part that kicks in at exactly 2:00 where he starts singing about the fire lighting everything in the room still gives me chills. It's probably my darker side in touch with this song and imaging some kid being set afire.

Anyways, stay tuned for my next post with more EDM tunes instead of metal bangers. Those are going to have to wait for another couple of weeks so enjoy them Mr. McRohanheim!


  1. im so glad she likes you too!

  2. lol where do you get this stuff?

  3. Shy girls are often freaks in bed :P

  4. Great music picks as always. Best of luck facing the Council.

  5. Much luck with the girl, buddy! I hate when parents are close-minded. Hope your plan does indeed come together :P

    As for the music...kickass!! I particularly love the Rammstein one. That 2 minute part is my favorite from hilf mir, too (though, alas, I do not speak German so reading a translation of the lyrics isn't quite as awesome as understanding the lyrics directly).

  6. hahah word, don't do anything you'll regret ;]

  7. Sounds like a solid plan
    Hope it all works out in the end!

  8. screw the music!!
    tell us more about the chick :D

    srsly though, i love rammstein. but i dont think hilf mir is one of their best songs. be sure to check out "links 2,3,4" or "feuer frei" or my personal favorite: "eifersucht"