December 10, 2010

Been sick all week...

Yeah, shit sucks big time but I don't have anything to say because quite frankly, I been sick since my latest update. Caught a really bad case of flu so I was in my bed the entire week. Really nice, you know, liquids coming out of all possible orphaces of your body. Anyways, it's mostly over now and I feel like music. Not going clubbing this weekend though because that might fuck up things again and on top of that it's my mom's birthday so I got to be at home...

Anyways, I hope you are all going clubbing still since I normally would as well. I'll put some awesome music here to get you fuckers in the mood. The first is from a couple of dudes I know in real life. They used to be my old skater buddies and now they started an electronic dance music group. They are beginning to make name here in Holland and want you people to meet them: It's Space Pirates - Get Inside (Original Mix):

The second one is not from some guys I know in real life, unfortunately I might add. It's just some good old dirty Dutch and you know, since I am both Dutch and dirty I thought it'd be a good one. It's The Party Harders & The Subs - The Pope Of Dope (Original Mix):

Anyways, I hope you liked the update and songs posted today. Go clubbing and make sure you get a good party going this weekend and I'll update again after my mom's birthday.


  1. Space Pirates was pretty dope, but I'll pass on that video.

    Frank, Frank, you aren't getting sick from the ladies are you?

  2. now you are off the bed :D you are typing :D thats good like thisvideos

  3. tough it out....whats wit the picture on that second video. The pope of dope :)

  4. Cool blog.
    Some very good content.
    Ive followed you, please follow back ;D

  5. being sick sucks, hope you get well :D

    cool songs btw

  6. I really enjoyed the second song, haven't been clubbing for quite a while now, makes me want to go there again

  7. Pope Of Dope is the Baddest of the Assest of titles! Get well soon :)

    Not sure if I've replied to this post before. Deja vu?

  8. Seems like everyone is getting sick.