December 6, 2010

Sorry, help me get a schedule !!

Ok, I'm sorry once more for forgetting to update my blog another time before the weekend. I think that 1 post a week is just too little and I need to post more to keep you people entertained and with good music. So I need a way to keep a blogging schedule. Unfortunately I don't have the time to blogpost every single day but I want to post like 3-4 times a week so give me an idea of how you keep track guys.

Onto my weekend, had a good one where I had sex with my girl as usual since the first time. Party on the saturday, it was awesome, I even got a couple of girls to hit on me this time instead of me taking initiative. It happens every once in a while and it's great for your ego although mine doesn't really need to get much bigger. I'm on the border of arrogancy as it is but whatever. And sunday was really laid back and we celebrated a Dutch holiday called Sinterklaar. If you want to know what it is, Google it, it's a little like Santa Claus but before Christmass.

On to the music for today, I'm going to post an artist I saw this weekend since he was spinning at my local club! It's a Dubstep artist called High Rankin! Unfortunately there aren't any good quality live vids so you can't see how he gets the crowd super hyped. He is just as how I like to play a gig! Too many DJ's just stand there, mix a little and don't seem to be having a good time. This guy was jumping non stop and having a party with us as the crowd instead of being on a different level. The first is Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (High Rankin Remix):

And the second tune is a new one he just released and already one of my favorites from him. It's High Rankin - Don't Carry On Like A Rudeboy When Daddy's Got A Yacht (Original Mix):

Also, this clip is so fucking mentally retarded. It probably shows how the guy is since he went mental on stage as well. Anyways, I'll try to keep my promise to update at least once more before the weekend this time. Enjoy your week and get back here for the next great music update !!


  1. i danced for hours on these tuunz

  2. If you are asking how we keep track of our own posts or of blogs we follow? Or if we have a schedule?
    I definitely think you should have a post on Monday. Important day for music at the beginning of the week. If you are doing 3 or 4 times a week, try Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have no real reason to suggest this, it just seems like a neat format.

    WTF with the second video? Entertaining for sure. Lovely crack. Bookmarked.

  3. Sounds like you had a banging weekend :D.

    Looked up Sinterklaas. He is also known as Sint Nikolaas, Saint Nicholas,... and Goedheiligman o_o . Where did that come from?

    >Don't Carry On Like A Rudeboy When Daddy's Got A Yacht

    Naming tunes is a art.

  4. Seems normal, blogging is time consuming if you want to create quality posts. I generally just do research and piece together posts throughout multiple days.

  5. you're right. It is mentally retarded!

  6. that clip was weird as fuck...
    but i lol'd :D

  7. high rankin is in SF all the time, would like to see him live. nice blog, new follower here.