December 20, 2010

I guess you'll need to get used to it...

Ok, I guess my life has just been too busy lately and you guys need to get used to having to wait for blogposts from me... I just can't seem to keep a solid schedule on posts although, once more, I'll put in lots of effort to try and post at least 3x a week because that's what you loyal followers deserve !!

On to the info on me lately for the people interested. Nothing really to report on the girl, we're just banging whenever I am over, which is like 1-2x a week, and I'm good with that. She is coming over for Christmass which is a little exciting since I'll be making the dinner for the first time ever on Christmass eve !! With a little assistance of my mom since she doesn't trust me to do it all by myself yet, probably rightfully so. If you want I can post the menu on what I'll make here so you might be able to draw some inspiration from it if you don't have your menu for Christmass all planned out already. For the rest, I don't have anymore classes this year (finished last week) and I got to start studying for my exams since my first one is on the 3th of January !! Not sure why so early in the year but I can't change it so might as well accept it.

On to the tunes for today !! Since he just released a new album, we'll be starting with everybody's favorite mouse, I'm not talking about Mickey here. This is a song from his new album and I think it's one of the best, real nice mix of tech house meets progressive house !! Not all might like him but I can't help you if you don't... I hate his personality as it's shown in media as well, he acts up as an arrogant bastard but the tunes he makes are often very nice !! It's Deadmau5 - Right This Second (Original Mix):

This one is relatively old but I just fell in love with it the minute I heard it and I want you guys to experience it too. I just has that crazy Mexican sound that makes it come out really funky without losing it's edge of electro house !! It's Intiman - El Mariachi Loco (Keewix & Nikkita Remix):

I'll try again super hard to return here within a day or two at most. If only to post my Christmass menu for the people who are interested. Until then, check back and be sure to party, even if the weekend is just over !!



    Fine, go off and have a life. *sniff*

  2. saw deadmau5 live a few months back... the man knows how to keep people dancing... great blog! followin

  3. Or die in the adventure, be my helps, Following!