February 6, 2011

And you thought I was dead, right ??

Yeah, been like 2 months since I posted my last item which is ridiculously long... I bet you all thought I was dead but it was part of my amazing scheme !! Ok, I'm lying, I was just busy doing other stuff and kind of forgot about this blog but now I am back like never before and I want to get more visitors here and really make something out of this blog !!

Anyways, a small update on my life. Nothing really happened except for me getting a sidejob next to my studies to get money for my soon to come CDJ's and mixer so I can start DJ'ing with hardware myself. I was doing everything with software so far but that's not what the club environment is like. I also started producing some own songs but it's much harder than it sounds...

To give you a little tune by my come back to get back into things, here is one to say I'm sorry for making you think I died:

And to get back into the EDM swing and make sure you're all partying hard as ever, here is one of my absolute techno favorites, Umek - OMGWTF (Original Mix):

I hope I won't forget you guys this time and I'll keep on posting here! If anyone has any tips on how to lure more visitors to this place, be sure to post in your comment!

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